Hey lovely and passionate people! I am The Soul Writer! And welcome to my corner of happiness! When you landed on this site, you must be an art lover. Particularly poetry!

The Soul Writer is created with love and happiness. To get you through life’s struggles, with inspiring articles, poems, and quotes. To eliminate the negativity and initiate positivity that leads to a fuller and happy life.

I love to travel, and I love nature! I am a taker for a good coffee, good wine, good food, and of course good conversation! Every travel I venture, whether a weekend getaway or long backpacking trip, I make sure it’s the best experience by collecting memories  – taking pictures, and tell something about the place. Every place is magical and special! I love going to places I have never been, and meeting beautiful people along the way.

There’s nothing more special than meeting people who are in love with life. Those who take time to breathe, and let each moment take them. People with vibrant personality and full of life!!!

I am not an expert on life coaching, but based on my experiences, I have created poems, quotes, and articles that made me get through with my life and my struggles. And I want to share it with you. Whatever I am feeling, writing helps me to voice out what my mind says, and what my heart beats for.

Through poetry I managed to deal with every challenge with grace and confidence. My goal is to encourage women to take charge! Bring back the confidence inside you. Confidence of who you are, and radiate to a beautiful and empowered woman.

The Soul Writer would like to work with you to create a community of strong and confident women. It’s time to live a healthy, loving, successful, and happy life. Through you beautiful women out there, we can make a difference!

Let us inspire each other, share your work of art!