A Mother’s Love

Those little hands and feet bring tears of joy,
The first sound made is overwhelming;
Such beautiful creature and yet vulnerable,
A gift, a blessing from up above.

Bliss it brings to those who wait,
Unequalled contentment;
A single moment that change the meaning of miracle,
What could he be on the years ahead?

Innocent and pure, that changes over the years,
On the day onwards the glistening sound of laughter prevails;
Silly questions from a child’s guiltless heart,
Shame to those who can’t figure it out.

Funny that some hoped they were as is,
As light as a feather with profound humility;
Alas, the years of childlike go by,
Then sounds filled with silence and scribbled thoughts.

Frustrating as it seems,
Disappointment grew as every step he made away from you;
Whispering to the guy above, what can I do?
A puzzle, a mind game you can’t outdo.

You see him differently, as if not your own,

You know he’s in pain as much as you do;
Gestures of reaching out is there waiting,
And giving up is not an option, not with him.

Wake up one day feeling strange to all that happened,
Asked yourself; haven’t I done enough for my angel?
Somehow felt relieved, it ended his pain,
Unbelievable it is to accept,
The one you hold so dearly now has empty emotion;
With tears in your eyes you know he is in peace,
Now you recognize him again, your one and only angel.


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