And yes I admit! I have been on fire,
My tongue is a comical satire,
No one I will allow to pin me down,
Else you will deceive your own clown.

A smirk, a tone, a look of ridicule,
Never I think an act exists as such cruel,
Never I think someone honest,
Can be a puppet sheep like the rest.

Patience I thought I understood,
Giving up behind the hood,
What is it that you want to prove?
An honour behind that insincere armour?

Amusing you are to me,
You are like a poisonous creature of the Dead Sea,
Dragging your label into shame,
Playing everyone as your card game.

A wall I must protect,
Patience will I not anyone wreck,
Bring it to me as you please,
And we will see who will fall to their knees.