My Own Death

My own death, my own death!
Such an inevitable threat,
Should I be worried?
Should I be prepared?

Contemplation dancing in my head,
Cautious state of mind makes me puny,
I’m bleeding faster than I could breathe,
Laid my soul in abysmal agony;

Many times I have tried,
But each time I died,
No one is there to blame,
It is me that needs to be tamed;

Concede for what is lacking,
Is not as easy in my thinking,
I am falling for my own demons,
These dark holes are drowning me;

Let me be, let me be,
In a battlefield where enemies are real,
Don’t let me die with this insanity,
These hallucinations I find hard to deal;

I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!
In this world where the weak was born,
Save me from this scornful plague,
And thee carry me to my senses where I should be.


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