Believe It or Not, Failure is Your Best Weapon

“Failure is the art of perseverance. Perseverance is the art of SUCCESS!”

How many times you questioned yourself, “Why I can’t get what I want?” “What is it that I need to do?” “Have I done enough”. Tons of questions like these, accompanied by one failure after another, is a total disaster! Believe me, you are not the only one.

When we want something, we dream, we plan, and we chase. That’s how it is and that’s how it will be. The whole progress of getting what we want seems perfect, and to me it is! But on all things, nothing is perfect without failure. Failure is the key ingredient to achieve our overall aim.

In 100 dreams, 90 we plan, 80 we chase, and 79 are failure! Now, who would want to chase???

Because of failures we stop the chase.

When failure struck, it always struck hard. Like a lightning that cuts through the core. And when it does, it is disappointing, and even painful. Some may have taken it just is, and many take it tough.

I take it tough, my mind shuts down and then anxiety takes over. It happened on many occasions that I started to ask myself, “Why this cycle keep on coming back? – It is always so hard to come back”. Failure-after-failure is a tragedy! Who would want to lose a battle over and over?

There must be something I am doing wrong. Why I can’t seem to recover from a failure. For years, from these failures I have studied my sense of emotions and mind.

Then I learn to be calm, and focus my attention and effort not on the “failure” but “how to deal” with it.

When failure comes your way, you give most of your energy to question the failure instead of why you fail in the first. One reason after another, then it becomes more and more personal. Personal that you start to think you are the failure.

Remember that failure is just a word created to keep the balance of success. I wouldn’t even call it a failure but “challenge”. No success story is complete without failure. Stronger people will not exist without failure. Logical and cautious minds are not possible without failure.

Failure is needed in building a dream!

And in order to keep that dream going, you must accept and recognize that failure is part of it. You are destined to fail. It is your driving force to keep chasing that dream. Failure is the art of perseverance. Perseverance is the art of SUCCESS!

Keep in mind that failure is not fatal, and everything will fall in its place at the right time for the best reason.


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