Seasons of Love

Rushing current of the summer waves,
Breeze temperature heaves;
On my skin I felt the salty mist,
Ocean’s playful blue covers me,
Like your arms around me.

Heat and waves dissipate,
As the cold north wind collides into the air;
Thunder of sensation brings excitement,
As every movement is magical beneath;
Late summer rain washes my worries away.

Falling intense orange and red leaves,
Like your fingertips running on my cheeks;
So gentle that I am blown away,
As a tree branch on a lazy autumn day.

Frozen tears by your absence,
Wishing I would wake up with you on my side;
Will again I ever have that chance?
Oh, please tell me when will you be back?
Yearning for your warm love on a lonely wintry night.

At last, your fiery passion wakes me up,

Sun is shyly peeking in the spring clouds;
Scent of morning dew enthuses me,
All along I know you were there,
As daffodils that attracts me.


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