Your Beautiful Soul

You are a clock that defies time,
Time wasn’t as important when I was with you,
You are the notes in my music that keeps playing,
The ticket to nowhere, where amazing adventures come about,
You are the pen that writes happy letters imprinted in my soul,
The key that opens every doors in my thoughts.

Tenacious is what you become,
Yachted in the sea of wisdom,
Creative impression is what I see,
Hard-working voyager challenged but remained free,
Over and again tested and succeeded.

Mannerly and earthly being,
Agility is what enthralled me,
Affable smile is what seized me,
Rarely do I chance upon a depth psyche,
Sunk once in a vast madness,
Captivatingly emerged through dusking sky,
Has a humble nature that charms,
Ageless heart is what you are,
Lionhearted man roamed in a barren land,
Love is all you are, love is all you will be.


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