Seasons of Life

Blessed is the day when loneliness was born,
For the heart will be in deep oblivion,
Forgotten thoughts lost in the wild abyss,
Dark clouds brought upon by tears of desolation.

The tide that slaughtered your core,
Endless forest of misery is breaking you,
Heavy flame that blinded you even more,
Drowning into intense pain of the deep blue.

Light wind of bliss is sweeping,
Tasteful sunset of hope is near,
Sound of calmness is calling,
Silver sky of madness has ended.

Bitter cold of winter has broken,
Spring of faith bound for eternity,
Thunderstorms of summer became unspoken,
Solace of autumn passed by to promise serenity.

Shadows of doubt that almost once conquered,
Now be a memory carved in the aged infinite empyrean,
Shriveled oaks as high as the night sky,
Divulge a story of courage in the twisted hands of destiny;

Breathe like it was the first day of your life,
Sleep like it was the first time you close your eyes,
The leaves may fall all over in the seasons of time,
But that tree will always stand still and remain its undeniable prime.


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